Amidst this Covid-19 pandemic, here’s how you can bring your business online.

In an age that can adequately be defined as a digital book, the art of trade is well suited somewhere between the lines. It’s no secret that the art of selling thrives in this digital era, but brings with it a major downside. Unlike the earlier days, it’s much easier to advertise and market your brand online with the revolutionary invention of the internet, but that in and of itself brings with it a lot of saturation, and amidst this saturation, it can get awfully difficult to make your voice be heard. This is also, ironically, one of the major reasons why certain brands are hesitant to approach the online market.

We’re here to diagnose the problem and share with you some ideas that might help you overcome this obstacle and get you on your way to establishing an online presence

Understanding the Online Market 

Before commencing the transition, you need to have a proper understanding on how businesses online may vary and carry certain differences here and there. First you’ll need to outline certain slogans regarding what your establishment is about, and by that I don’t necessarily mean literal slogans, but something in the same vein that can summarize the focal reasoning as to what your business is about. While I wouldn’t recommend exaggeration or amplifying the underlying purpose of your company, a modicum of simplification is usually the more appealing route in this case, however the case, this is the initial phase and possibly one of the most important parts about the online market; standing out.

Design and aesthetics 

Now this is something that caters to a somewhat subjective category, but there are certain elements that are objective, such as simplicity and overall accessibility of your online web-page. Beginning with the most obvious, you’d want to stand out and make sure that your establishment is well relevant to the theme and theatrics of your business web-page. Pursuit in this criteria is different depending on the scale and type of company you are, but generally it’s the norm for online markets to be riddled with text and while the passion is obvious and admirable, it is somewhat undermining to what a consumer would initially be interested in after being led to the website. A web-page that values their consumers time and manifests a strategy to make a straight to the point web-page usually more than often leads to a better outcome as opposed to presenting a convoluted narrative for a consumer to indulge in. The key is to find the perfect balance between simplicity and unique (Doesn’t necessarily imply minimalism) 


This is the most important aspect of online marketing. Ads are anti-consumer yet one of the primary ways to earn revenue. It’s not some recent epiphany that ads can easily kill or make a website. We needn’t even dive any further into this, I could simply show you the statistics from the chrome and Firefox store page, two of the major online browsers both having add-ons that block said ads, and also happen to be the most popular add-ons on the store-page. So the key to this is again, as I previously stated, balance between the two. Ads will, no matter the course you take, inevitably intervene in the navigation and overall interface of the website, but you have control over how much. This is where the design of the web-page and the stylistics of it will have to take over, you have to initially design your web-page to be ad friendly, now this may seem completely obvious to you but you’d be surprised at how many people are completely oblivious to this initial step and end up having obnoxious ads covering their final product just because they never pondered it beforehand. 


Search Engine Optimization is a field and exercise of having to make it easier for people to stumble or find themselves on your website. Now this, to many, may sound like hogwash, but that’s exactly why I can’t exaggerate the need for you to hire or seek someone who shares an expertise in this specific field, white-hat of course.. The process of SEO is to have search engine algorithms work in favor of you as opposed to working against you. I’ve a general interest towards black hat SEO workarounds which I might discuss later on in a different topic altogether, but know the importance of this particular step can make or break your online presence

There’s certainly more to an online transition than the certain aspects I’ve discussed. But these are the most likely obstacles that ensue head scratches and at the end of the day. Like any other field, online marketing isn’t as complex as it may initially seem. Everything seems much more scarier when you’re in bliss to its core mechanics. Hopefully this helps you attain a better understanding of what you were looking for. 

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