Book Review: How to Train Your Memory

Concise Introductions to the topics that Matter

Have you suffered from forgetting something? Are you quicker at learning, but to recall it become a serious problem? Sometimes even the casual things you keep, and place somewhere often turn to be time consuming to relocate it from the first place.

Don’t worry! It is natural and everyone takes part in such a tedious searching activity at certain points in different dimensions relating to time and space.

However, it will become easier to enhance your memory if you get some understanding of how the brain works. The brain works in an astonished fashion, especially on the concept of associations and interlinking. Brain records information in reference to something else. Then linked it to build a strong deal of association. For example, key is the basic information for the car to drive, so the car is in strong relationship with the key. There are many possible association and linkages to certain things.

The book “How to train your memory” encompasses a great deal of systems and mechanisms. By adopting such practices one can enhance or master its memory. The techniques described are natural and easy to understand. This can be used by anyone, irrespective in regarding of age factor. As commonly associated that the older has lesser memories, for instance, they can also trigger the long-lasting memories by taking in account of such described techniques in this book.

The book comprised of 171 pages, divided into 9 parts or chapters. Each section of chapter is dedicated to one significant idea or approach. Many theories, researches with references has been provided to deliver the understanding deeply. There are many systems discussed to enhance the memory. See below pic to get a helicopter view of the book, discussed system and techniques :

So, there are several techniques one can use and implement in daily life. But, the more holistic approach it will be if one combines the different techniques and systems and use collectively to enhance the memory system. It will assuredly be very helpful!

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