Book Review: The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck

A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life

Life is a mysterious thing. The uncertainty can be called as true meaning of life, as no one know the real truths. While death, or more specifically physical body death seems to be certain. However, during the period starting from the intellect of a child being growing to be young and mature enough, till its death, there are unimaginable life events and  experiences occurred, that he or she understand and interpret  accordingly. As it is a matter of common observation, that every individual live in a unique and distinct way. The biology of his inheritance or some characters and features could be similar at some points, but still a unique code does possess by everyone that makes him or her different with the all others. Everyone has a right of his living, choices he can make, set values and metrices upon which he could behave, interact or stabilize himself in society. On the other hand, cultural, social, political background, stress and factorshas a huge hand in forcing somebody to move in a tamed fashion in order to make a living. Simple to say that, birthplace has a biggest role in a person growth and development and deciding its fate. Because we as humans, absorb and carry everything  from our surroundings. So, in today’s materialistic world, a lot of the things has evolved in certain dimensions and has changed dramatically, including the norms and values, conceptual thinking and logistics due to  unveiling of several phenomenon. Science has been shown up as a gateway of entering and discovering the truths.

The book  “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck ”, is a mixture of human psychology, defining the deep roots and commonly ignoring pillars of human behavior. The difference between “What is actually”, “What seems to be” and “What is not” is the one major theme surrounding around different topics in this book. The tone of the book is very friendly, casual and easy to understand. One can read it within a short period of time. The book consists of 210 pages, divided into 9 chapters. Each chapter has its subheadings. This book has an inspirational and motivational tone. The words, stories, histories and research described in this book are meaningful enough to provoke an urgency to read more and finish it, to get aware about an art of approaching and learning critical thinking. This book throughs deep glares on the unusual parts of life as illustrating the concept of positivity and negativity, reminding the presence of both are necessary. Further highlighted the true meanings and concepts of life , commonly individuals are not self-aware off, while live their whole life based on such wrongly chosen metrices. To see world from a new perspective, and live your life more openly minded, I must recommend this book for reading. The more willbe better, if a teenage or young mature mind read it early on in its life. Assuredly, it will be very helpful in learning and experiencing world in a more enjoyable and beautiful way.

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