Live to Learn, Learn to Live

Pursuing something exists in the nature of humans, although, the decision comes to an end to his or her priorities.

Start from the beginning of this world, evolution is a process that moves along and commonly observed, felt and seen in all arena. It is not restricted only to the living form of life but also played and imparted a significant role in the non-living world as well.

Along the journey, the man from the Stone Age also becomes civilized and modernized with the passage of time. The more amazing and powerful creation of nature is “Human Brain”. No one can count the abilities, un-imaginable strength and immeasurable potential of this complex entity.

After exploring the tendencies of the brain, one can surely conclude that it can make, create and expand anything, not only ideas but a reality too. So, in order to understand the whole bunch of information from start (past), existing concepts (present) and time ahead of us (future), someone must have to understand the power of reading.

Reading is life itself, a man can go all over the places that seem not be possible physically. The intellectual pleasure aids more in moving steps further to enhance our understanding!

So, this is a place of reading, writing, researching, exploring and much more!

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