Racial demographics and its correlation with IQ

The perpetuated fact regarding IQ and their inherent correlation to “definite intelligence” if anything is banal. The constant abnegation at the cost of attributing “genetics” solely as an indication of intellect is not consistent as true intellect in itself is a vague idea; accretion of knowledge driven from experience or accumulation, based upon memory renditions rather than developed or latent skill sets conditioned individually. The aspect of learning and thus accumulating specific subsets of variable skills and assets. Those not perceived or bereft of one’s control to be viewed as “over the other” or rather held one area supremely on other ideas. 

The definition of intelligence 

What we tend to consider intelligence is usually based on cognitive presence, awareness, and ability. IQ tests are arbitrarily derived from just one specific element to highlight its scores. Pattern recognition tests or extrapolation skills, at that which fail to commensurate a variety of differentiating forms of intelligence attributed individually rather than a classification/division based on a singular element. In many cases, these have resulted in the amalgamation of ethical groups even in one’s ethical status under the thesis and banner of ultimate productivity and moral amelioration. 

Memory recollection (through long periods, how well one recalls high-quality information over a long period of time).

Creativity (Since it’s homogeneous. It is an amorphous concept in itself and variations exists regardless of the substance). 

Social intelligence (The ability to communicate, confidence, or conversing skill and subsets have no direct relation to IQ/SAT performance).

There is a disputed effectiveness in terms of rationality or personality, the disparity is a common occurrence even with stagnant IQ’s of equivalent groups, as knowledge is mostly attributed. There is little impact in debating abilities. 

The savant syndrome disproves the notion of an intellectual link to memory, two interesting cases are quite notable in this case: one being Kim Peek, an IQ range in the 80s and the other being Stephen Wiltshire recorded IQ of 50 and possessing certain learning difficulties. Two interesting anomalies. Both of these subjects possess unparalleled memory, Kim Peek having the ability to memorize entire books word by word, Stephen Wiltshire drawing entire cities with such precision through a single flyover. The basic aspect that devalues their score testing is “cognition” but hasn’t discredited skill assets on where it’s due. The sole implication being, it failed to target creativity and memory. We must be assiduous in our observation of individual skillset presence if any such talents exist or may continue to emerge.

The plethora of other forms ranging from naturalistic to spatial intelligence. Credit to Howard Gardner’s book regarding the different bases on what we confine ourselves to perceive as a “concrete capacity” is definite intelligence on cognitive /mental agility at its core as a foundation is a misnomer. 

Fallible representation of genetic conditions. The Flynn effect

Generations on average have shown improvement of IQ scores. This phenomenon is referred to as the Flynn effect, the population increasingly improves its scores as generations become more academically competent. Educational values improve, the pursuit of it and socially ensued factors, corroborating its increase. It’s why the majority of the population tends to have higher IQs than our grandparents or great grandparents. On the opposite spectrum, we see certain European nations going through what we refer to as the “reverse Flynn effect”, that there’s not one defining causality for this. The evidence would be quite anecdotal to rationalize on certain/single environmental fundamentals ranging from lack of interest in education, knowledge and certain other attributes not confined to concrete systematic conditioning such as poverty as these are simply a singular limited binary or statistical anomalies accounting to one spectrum of the bell curve. Pursuit or as a result of consequence derivative from societal standards, viewing presentation more importantly than intellectual skills one might assess. 

Environment casualties and its relation/impact

Type-token distinctions are prevalent in this scenario ranging from concrete issues such as poverty, violence and exposure to immorality and its relative stature within society that commences a lack of interest attributing to the academic nature of the individual. However, these cases have remained anecdotal, relative to certain experiences, harbored an interest in “knowledge” to counter or suppress these environmental lapses the person was subjugated within as a detachment. The drive to pursue oneself out of such inclinations to placate the inherent situation and contravene from establishments of men, allowing these events to ensure a formality of “betterment through short sight”. More so than not, however, violence is one underlying cause and effect. The other is the principle of satisfaction. Kuwait having an IQ average of 86 has almost non-existent crime, concerning its relatively non-existent poverty. Their environment provides/delivers intrinsically for such cases to manifest relative to those that do not possess it and wish to accrue physical elements by discarding demagogues or despots by men/society to attain it in immoral fashions. 

The other interesting thing of note is, we personally might have at one point viewed our parents to be stupid, or even illiterate, and on occasion, even parental figures who haven’t been conventionally intelligent (illiterate or no academic achievements) have produced offspring more competent intellectually then them. Not constricted to a certain element, but have regardless. This intellectual diversity is even present among siblings themselves. Genetics if any would have very little role to play to accede in academic statuses.

The other well-known case is “Asians’. However, the academic pressure/value in Asian countries should be self-evident/explanatory on why in terms of academic abilities, Asian countries naturally produce higher scores in academia. 

The concept of autodidact-ism is also not accounted for, on what abstract forms of “knowledge” one might pursue irrelevant of performance achieved in educational systems.    

Distinction/Confirmation Bias resulted from statistical reasoning 

We have a superficial and shallow belief that “numbers” don’t and cannot lie, Correlation does not imply causation, as there is no foundation for consistency, IQ tests create more unwanted discourse and prejudice on the entirety of averages that are based on limited binaries and don’t factor in statistical anomalies, standard deviations, even understanding varying causalities ameliorating the reason for the formation is unaccounted, and a definite model of “intellectual ability” is presented to monitor it on the dialect of sustained progression and advancement.  

The Reverse Flynn effect/Cultural and societal impact for academic pursuit 

Another not well-documented phenomenon is the reverse Flynn effect. A decline in IQ scores, in Norway, Denmark, Australia, Britain, the Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, France, and Germany, a development that appears to have started in the 1990s. There could be many underlying reasons for this to be present, it could be related to contingency impacted by certain social paradigms occurring within but not limited to just those societies. A style over substance approach and valuing presentation/materialism over intelligence, lack of interest or desirability in academic pursuit or a cultural shift establishing a model that devalues intelligence or desirability of pursuing or even ensuing latent intellectual dispositions, due to rampancy of entertainment and hedonistic culture emerging from the west, in relative to eastern Asian nations where academic ability is valued and inherently sought and extended to oncoming generations. This would explain the lower IQ position (in comparison to western averages) of certain Asian nations such as Bhutan, Micronesia, Vietnam, Brunei, and other Asian ethnic nations, this is simply a tangible take or rather empirically documented which leaves a tendency to be studied adequately. 

The pragmatism of IQ presentations and it’s approach/observation through the human ego. 

The turpitude of inadvertently dismissing certain systematic notions on simply a type-token distinction between physically capable ideas and abstractions is prevalent. Since IQ presentations simply aver a concrete analysis that fails to measure other critical factors or abstractions halting many components that could be present but not tested through this quotient, using an inchoate formula to showcase singular or perennial indications to mask certain features classified as incompetent. This reasoning in itself lacks a diversified view in individually processing subjects and occludes other abilities or rather creates an ambiguous hierarchy among skills, and/or indirectly purposely amalgamating them under the dogma of statistical consensus that is prone to paradigm shifts. There is a continuous range of unconscious abilities with no dividing line, latent subsets, with a clear representative to be enhanced through self or outer contribution. Intelligence quotient simply measures the rate of its agility and procession, leaving certain factors equivocal. Humans naturally value intelligence, the modern world inherits its great values from it, the placement of measurements that showcase its solid status and measurements naturally incite the human ego to cloak or embellish within that transient supremacy of evaluating a statistic on in time analytic qualities or predictable contingencies using a sole idyllic vision where human plurality loses its ability to coexist in harmony. This vindication and its complexities are not in itself limited to just intellect measurements. It’s human conditioning, a competitive nature and stance to convey or subjugate a phenomenon with certain understanding to justify or associate specifics, correlations on the entirety of averages that in itself are greatly distributed even among similar ethnic groups. This could be related to even abstract ideals ranging from morality, individual success and materialism. 

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