Reading & Writing

Today’s world has been changed than before. The era of social media and its various types has been partaking the worldwide community into a village called as “GLOBAL VILLAGE”. This global village is sharing the information throughout the regions without respecting the geographical barriers. Hence, the knowledge acquiring, transferring and sharing ways also has been expanded and become a bit interesting using social networking i.e. Google, YouTube, Twitter and more others. The all form of communication reached towards the receiver end in whole communication process in digital world firmly relatable to reading and writing and vice versa.

Reading is as much as significant than other sources of acquiring knowledge. The Reading has a strong tendency of giving imagination to its reader in broader spectrum. On the same side, reading also enables a person to equip the data and make it useful anytime, anywhere.

While, writing is the simplest form of tool putting complex sort of thoughts into a text explicating the one’s ideas and imagination.

So, the strength of both reading and writing collectively has a strong impact in the nourishment of human thinking.

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