The Crippling Effects of Overpopulation

The standards of biology depict population development by the rise in the number of inhabitants within a community. The population of any country is an important asset. Too much, however, can be very unfavorable to countless aspects of evolution. A nation vulnerable to overpopulation is a crippling nation by general standards and inevitably breeds issues beyond rectification.

Let’s take a look at the United States as an example. The most immediate issue at hand is the depletion of natural resources. Resource degradation is unavoidable when the resource in question is limited to begin with. If the population of the U.S continues to increase at the rate its currently growing, the collapse of sustainability will be the most notable change. It’s very likely the emissions would take a leap due to overpopulation, which is a rational prediction based on the simple fact that the production of more resources would require a larger number of people reproducing the fast consuming resources. The rise of air pollution would mean a rise in multiple diseases and the mortality rate would sky-rocket.

The ecological collapse would be inevitable due to the rotting and deteriorating biosphere, and the reason this happens is due to economic expansions caused by humans. The remedy to this chaos is wealth, contraception, better healthcare, reduced taxation, and other elements that help sustain the population without any impactful effects on natural environments. It’s a ridiculous number to jump from 1 to 7 billion individuals within a century.

Lands are witnessing desertification, which is what happens when the soil becomes impotent through erosion and improper agricultural methods. If there ever has been a more crucial time to push against this preventable threat, it’s now.

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